Attn: Dougie

Dougie I want to be your unofficial side kick. Is that ok?

ummmmm......excuse me.........

uh oh. someones getting an ass whooping

If Canario is your side kick than I'll be Canario's side kick!!!

Deal, first order of business, please attend Anthro 333f at UWO Thursday morning and take notes. There will be a test.

I didn't think that there was going to be any work involved I thought it was just a title....

Instead of his sidekick maybe you can be his fluffer.

I don't like touching any one's genitals save my own... I'm a monk.

Oooh, being Canario's sidekick is tough work!

i have always enjoyed kicking Canario.

Only cause he cant kick back!! :-p

Lets take a break from this discussion to ttt the thread for the young Hordecock kid and his figth 2morrow night!

BB2 has TKO'ed the correct