ATTN: Droc, RE: Pat Mooney

Darragh, do you still talk with Patrick Mooney? I was just watching Rites of Passage again, and it got me thinking of Pat. Is he still training/managing Thomas Lamont and the crew? Are Johnny and Adam Burrows? I was considering taking a trip to Ireland and figured I'd try to meet up with them. I haven't emailed Pat in a while, and naturally haven't seen you guys since UFC 32. Is it safe to travel there with my daughters (6 years and 19 months)?

Pat is a good guy. I met him and Droc when they came here to cover the Tito/Elvis fight, they were there for SFUK. I spoke to Pat a few times since, but lost contact. I keep up with Droc a bit. I would like to come to Belfast on vacation and train with Lamont and his crew a bit.



Hi Don,

I haven't heard from Paddy in a while, but yes he's still managing Tom' Lamont and Jonny and Andy Burrows are still involved in MMA though not fighting at the moment.

As far as I know he still has the same email address, so try that, if you don't have it anymore email me and I'll give it to you


Thanks Droc, I'll be in touch.