Attn Ed Hsu

Hey man I was wondering if I was going to get my real license instead of the temporary one I have right now?I was just wonderign what was up with it since I didn't have your email sorry for bringing this up on the public forum I was just wondering what the delay was on it.

From what I heard Ed Hsu is a fuckin' lying cheat of a promoter.

i think you have to drive with someone who has a license for more then three years then you get your real license...

no what you heard is wrong ed is a good guy

Ed's contact info:

check that out. I mean, i have an opinion from what I read there. I'm sure he's a great guy.

Thanks AGJ I have that one already considering I'm 22 lol Thanks guys for the help I emailed him but let's keep this up to see what others say.He treated me and other members of my team well so I don't know what happened between Ed and MattGreen but sounds kind of bad

Wow - that's messed up MattGreen - sorry to hear it turned out like that.

Just clicked back and read the thing MattGreen had nad that's a true shame.I fought on a card that was Sunday night and that may have been the event I was fighting in but didn't have any problems with my stuff.

I honestly don't think you will get your real license. You paid for the temp one to fight and they should send you a real one, but they don't it's been over 3 months now for license

TTT for the license!

Any licensing in NJ would be handled by the NJSACB - contacts here:

edit - or the USKBA - for a USKBA sanctioned event license:

The show this past weekend was not a good situation for anyone involved ... I apologize to anyone that it might have caused an inconvienance ... I should have just canceled the show , but decided to keep the show going ... as with these situations it doesn't work out well for anyone ... I have done 30 shows without a situation like this happening and and assure anyone that it will not happen again ...

I also don't answer to 'Underground toughman' posters that do not speak for the fighter involved ...

UFCbabarian ... contact the USKBA for your license ...

I think they hold it for you until the next time you fight.


Hmmm interesting.

That didn't happen to me, it happened to a guy name Phil Gizzi, i was just posting the article I read.