attn:eddie bravo 1/2 guard questio

Eddie what is the best way to keep control in the 1/2 guard without getting pinned by your oppenant.

I'm afraid you'll just have to buy the DVD. He doesn't cough up info. Trade secrets.

Some people think that it's enough to simply get an underhook on the same side as the trapped leg, but if you don't want to get miserably cross faced, you have to get onto your side and try to get your shoulder as close to his hips as possible. So scoot down towards his hips.

tight double under hooks.

check lindlands 2nd fight with vitale. i think this is the safest mma variation. anyone know any others?

what about when they underhook your head and pin it down with their shoulder driving into your neck/chin?

When is the godamm Eddie Bravo instructional coming out already?

"tight double under hooks."


funny you said this eddie, the very first thing i said to myself when i watched your twister video was "damn, he doesnt even TRY to get an underhook when he pulls halfgaurd!"


Eddie: Did you get the email that I sent you?