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Hey Eddie: Are you interested in having your own forum under "Expert Q&A's" I know that only a couple of the guys with forums there actually would be nice to have people truly interested in understanding your game have a place to discuss with you.


[-] Expert Q&As

  Tony Blauer (700)

  10th Planet / Eddie Bravo (99,968)
  Chris Brennan (267)
  Relson Gracie (18)
  Rodrigo Gracie (68)
  Rorion Gracie (23)
  Royce Gracie (111)
  Royler Gracie (15)
  Hammer House (55)
  Enson Inoue (354)
  Miletich Fighting System (172)
  Roy Harris (589)
  Jen (514)
  Team Quest Fight Club (130)
  Scott Sonnon (512)

I thought the main forum was the 10th Planet forum?


only if my haters promise to be nice to me :)


Why are you pretending like you are not interested 10thpjj threads?

Which is why you clicked on this one?

ring girl is on to something here :)

Eddie: haters are everywhere man...they will find you wherever you go on this forum. The idea of having an expert q and a section is cool...but only a couple of guys post regularly. You are on here quite a bit and I think it would be a big advantage to be able to ask you serious the hopes of getting serious answers of course.