attn:EddieBravo what is the 100%


On your dvd during your match with Royler, after you escaped his triangle attempt you stated you were going to go for the 100% from the 1/2 guard, but because of his shoulders he slipped out. What is the 100% from the 1/2 guard a sweep??guillotine??


I'm obviously not Eddie, but it's a sweep.

was in a recent "grappling" i think the one with vanderlai

how is it done, or what does the sweep look like?? is it done from the 1/2 guard??



I heard that there is no known defence against it yet.

partly cos most people don't even know what it is lol

if i remember correctly its sort of a shoulder sweep that leads to you taking the opponents back. i think thats the technique you guys mean anyway


100% is an oil check with only your shoulder at the rim.

lol, seriously...

what is old school? he was yelling for one of his students to get that in a match i saw on an onthemet video.

can you put the link from onthemat where eddie was coaching??

I just finished watching the DVD for about the 5th time, Awesome Movie!!!

Old School is the half guard sweep that Eddie hits in almost all of his matches, it is the one where he pulls the opponents far foot in and under and sits up easily reversing him.

But there seems to be quite a bit of terminology coming out of 10th Planet.

Mission Control,
Old School,
100 %,
And my question What is London ?


The London is his omopalata set up from the guard.

The London is simlar to the New School. Go to to see the New School triangle set up.

yeah, but i just want to know what the 100% is.

that looked to be what the guy was attempting (a half guard sweep) but he didn't get it, he got whooped pretty good. i don't know if the link is on the onthemat website, i saw it on a dvd.

i think eddie shows old school on the JJM set