Attn: Einar

Been a while since I poked my head here on the History forum. Not even sure why because I love it here. Anyways, I remember you saying you were building a new hilt for a sword you had, and were going to post pictures for it. Did you ever do that? Do you still have the thread? If not, can you repost the pics?

ttt :P

Oops, sorry, havent been on the forums much lately. Yes, its true, I have promised to post pics of my sword when its done, and no, its not done yet. We have had extremely limited access to the forge for the past months, due to expreiments up there by the university. (they own the bloody place, so theres not much we can say or do about it.) I hope to get it done sometime during january or february.

Merry Christmas BTW.


You know how to forge?

YL,I know some very basic forging. Enough to make the crossguard at least.I have forged a couple of merovingian arrow heads and a couple of daggers. Oh and the crossguard, but its only roughly done and doesnt fit the tang yet.

You know how to forge? LOL, Einar--you've done it now--you are now OBLIGATED to explain all of your metalworking skills to YL. YOU HAVE NO CHOICE--HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ooooh, where did you learn??!!

Hehehe, you mean I'm the only manly smith on the history forum? Wussies. The only test of a real man is working hot steel. ;-) And I'm a certified welder, so I guess I'm manlier than most.

Seriously though, I only have a crash course in smithing from Kasper Andresen, a very good swordsmith. It was part of a course in archeology. He taught us some basic principles, like making nails/rivets, and arrowheads. He also showed us how to forge weld the point of a viking sword, which was very interesting, but bloody difficult.

I love forging, but we dont get the chance to do it very often. That might change now though, because the institute of archeology has gotten the funds to build a centre for experimental archeology, where we can forge, experiment with period casting techniques, smelting, etc.

If you have any specific questions, I'll be happy to try to answer, but I'm by no means an authority on the subject. When I finally get around to taking some pics of my sword, I'lltake some ofmy other "work" as well.