Attn:Enson /fighting Ken Shamrock

I was wondering ive actually wanted to see this matchup for awhile and thought i might when Ken went to pride.

Would you have any interest in fight Ken in the UFC?

You guys both weigh about the same,Have good ground work and both like to bang.I'd give the edge to you on having a better guard and the edge in age so to speak

plus you have scary tattoos now:)

I never considered it...

As in You never considered it cause the idea of fighting him really dosen't interest you?


You never considered it cause you just never thought about it before

Never thought about it.

Please tell your fans what type of match/situation would lead to your return to the ring. Thanks for the years of enjoyment and inspiration.

I'd still rather see you buss up Jason Miller....

I7m already making my return in MMA in 5 days. I am now down from 237lbs to 220lbs. By fight day I'll be at about 213lbs. My opponent will be Nishida from Pride 5. He asked for a rematch. He must feel that he is ready to beat a old rusty Enson so believe me I'll be ready.

bwahahahahaha some guys never learn. punish this time enson.

what are you fighting in Enson? shooto?

and Good luck wish i could see the fight

It's an event on Guam called "Fury" The rules are like Pride rules.