Attn: Eric Delfierno

I lost my phone in which I had your number, and I need to confirm some things with you on your upcoming Combat Mexico show in Tijuana. Email me your info. @

If people can keep this ttt'd for a few, it'd be mucho appreciated.


thanks for the ttt's fellaz.


He is in Vegas right now Adam, he has 2 fighters in the K-1. I'll text message him with your info if it's important???

Oh, I did'nt know that. Ummmm... do you know when he'll be back? Or maybe you can email me his cell #? One of my buddie, Martin Gannt is suppose to fight on his next card, he just needs to get confirmation asap. Thanks, Mom.

Btw... long time no talk!! Hope everything is good. Also, hows JJ doin? I lost your number.. could you email it to me or PM me through Global?

I sent you an email Adam.....

 *waves at KWJ-Dhira*

Got it. Thanks.