attn: evan tanner

fuck everything else. youre a good fighter. youre all class i believe. you have nothing to prove to these dipshits on this forum. while there sitting behind a fucking monitor, youre fighting and kicking ass and getting youre ass whipped and winning titles and fighting the best in the world. youre my favorite fighter. i have a lot of respect for you. i know that we all hit bumps and theres nothing you have to explain to me about a woman. im retarded when it comes to them too. life goes on. you have fans that will support you no matter what you do. i know im not the only one. i dont know what kind of shit others will say on this thread and i dont care. i wrote this for you because maybe it couldnt hurt for you to hear it. this isnt bullshit either, everything ive said is true. i cant wait to see you fight again and i hope youre doing ok.

-wade bolton

p.s.- i hope im invited to the drinking game.

Tanner is a tough mofo.



lets get behind our boy.