Attn Evil Master

you got mail! Please respond asap!!

Hey EM, while you are at it, do you think you could do me a favor?


I want this vid cut down to the first 15 seconds only, wanna do it?   :)




EM, can I borrow $5.?

just until next pay day?


I'll gladly pay you tuesday to keep this thread up top today.

EM, can you pick up my mail when I'm on holiday? I'm just over in Alberta.

Evil, can you bring me a breakfast burrito? thanks

EM, I told my little sister you'd take her to the homecoming dance on the 22nd.

Thanks Buddy!

lol at all this. Which email address did you send it to?

Post pics of your sister the dean, and I'll think about it.

pgreen here you go.

First 15 seconds clip


That is sofa king funny!

Did you like the clip?