ATTN: Expertise (fess up)

apparently this tool bag on here posted a thread about kicking my ass in some bar.

I want to know who this gentleman is and his phone number.

email it to me at

If this guy has any balls he will email it to me himself

you will never get that information from who ever was dumb enough to say it.

I recall reading that. It was very long and detailed. Someone should bump it.

Art, please give me his phone number, I want to talk to him on the phone.

I will do it on a radio show so everyone can hear the conversation.

Wait a minute....

Someone on the internet was lying?!?!?!

I wouldn't find it funny because the story made Wes out to be the biggest creep in the world. It was very detailed as well, so that is a lot of lies to be said. I understand why he would be pissed.

Hey Art email me your phone number then and pretend you are him.

I am super pissed and need to yell at someone about this.

Could you do that for me?

Be available tomorrow about 2pm Central

His name was Fedor something

Wes-you can always yell at me:) I picked you over Kerr bty.

I looked to see if it was in the first few pagaes, but it isn't. A non-mudnammer needs to bump it.

DR I will be calling you tonight!


A powerbomb IMO.

Big Wes - Expertise asked me to forward you his response - please see attached...

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You don't want another swift knee to the face do you???

Pack a lunch big boy, your gonna need it!


Why did he ask someone to "forward" it? Why not just post it himself?

I'm just saying ;)

I got his phone number, look at my next thread entitled "confrontation"


I never believe everything in here 100% but could it be a mistaken identity on Expertise's part. I was at a tournament a few years ago and me and my training partner was 100% sure that Jeremy Horn was there. We figure he is in town doing some seminar in Vancouver, BC. We've had some big MMA names come thru here so it's not exactly out of the question. So we decided to say "Hi" to him and him and his friend just laughed and did'nt even say Hi back. We just walked away thinking "what an idiot". Then we got to thinking that the guy looked a little big to be Horn. He looked about 6'2" about 220-230lbs. We did'nt realize this until we got close enough to him but by then we were so convinced that it was Jeremy and made a fool out of ourselves. Just a thought!!!

flip I dont give a fuck if it was mistaken identity, if you bad mouth me to your neighbor and I find out I will call you on the phone!