Attn: Fatbody from Fightsport

please email me at or Thanks!


FG all is ok?


Why not just go there and post?

If he is from FS, wouldn't he be more likely to respond?

they wont let me get an account

stickman...The best way to reach a Fightsport member is on MMA.TV.  Even the most die hard Fightsport trolls, don't actually spend much time there and spend much more time here.  Besides, unless you are already a member, you won't be able to post there, membership is closed.

Gary Hughes

fatbody isn't who you go to for an account.

"maybe Fatbody will post his contact info at FS."

Don't count on that one Bill. ha

Fatbody- if you feel comfortable please email me at or give me a call.

this whole thing with ripping me apart is getting extremely old and out of hand

don't feed the trolls


Goat, take your phone number down bro. Not a good idea to keep it up like that.

fabes- you got mail

Gary is correct... BTW, that's a pretty whack pic you've got there!


I don't know what to think!

I got your email man.

Its all good.

LOL @ Redneck always coming to Fightsport's rescue!

What do you want with Fatbody, Fearless Goat? He's a true snake in the grass, from what I've seen, as a regular lurker of Fightsport.

I have a Hot Potato account over there, but I no longer have the password. :(

Redneck- I have NEVER been a convicted sex offender and never had to register as one. Your boys over there are making this huge thing out of a minor incident. The girl was NEVER forced to give oral sex and even told the judge that. So seriously knock that shit off. It isnt cool. I have never been a sex offender and dont have a criminal record. I was fucking 16 years old and my girlfriend was 15 and 8 months old. Oral sex happened, but WASNT forced. So get off that shit.