Attn: Fatlip&CauliEars

What's up boys? So when are your next fights coming up?

Danimal! Nice to hear from you. Fury has an event on the 30th of Nov. PXC has an event sometime in Jan. The boys are training hard as ever. How you doing? P.S. Lucky guy got the first post !

I beleive the event is scheduled for OCT 30 but CauliEars is a trainer and he probably has the correct info...or typo'd this one.

For those interested:

Spike 22/Purebred Guam (affiliated with Enson Inoue)
Underworld Extreme/Cobra Kai (affiliated with Marc Laimon)
Relson Gracie Club
Carlson Gracie Club.

If you're passing through or moving here, there isn't a shortage of places to train. Get here and the specifics can be supplied easily.

Sorry about that, been so busy I forgot what month it was.

Yeah, got the first post on the Guam forum. Kind of fitting I think, although most people probably wouldn't know why. Gotta thank Kirik since he hooked it up.

You planning on fighting anytime soon? You and Manny I think would sell out for sure! And just think, when you beat him, it would set up a third and conclusive bout. Big paydays for everyone!

By the way, shouldn't you be getting one of those green names for being a pro fighter?

Rematch is in the works. Rome and Eli are working hard to see who can pull it off first. In the meantime just trying to stay in shape and work on my game. Always good to hear from you Dan. i hope all is well and hope to see you back home soon.
P.S. For those that don't know Danimal the Animal is considered by many to be the godfather of jiu-jitsu on Guam. He introduced the sport to guys like John Calvo, Mike "Fatlip" Ulloa, myself and many other tough local grapplers. Cant thank you enough brother.

Thanks Bert and good luck! We got our own forum now so I'll check back soon!

Sup Dan. The fight is over and Im on vacation now haha. Im not gonna be competing anytime soon but I will be still going at it hard with the guys getting ready for the other upcoming fights. Gotta let some injuries heal properly. But in the mean time Im gonna go out to Hawaii for a few weeks. Later.