ATTN: FCTV Re:A-crop

Hey man so i guess i'm going with the Kauai-ans to Acropolis. Any food suggestions?

greek restaurant? i haven't been there. expect a full pictorial review de onegaishimasu.

ookini doomo.

greek? no! what id like to call "the neekid steak place"
im going to the gym- let me kow if you got any 411


I thought this thread was gonna have females in crop tops.

Imagine my dissapointment.

so the real acropolis in athens? w t f

 I wonder if vodka was involved in this post

So I get back from the gym and fully get shafted.

maybe it's god telling me to diet!


did you see my dog thread mrsbjjtek? :)

They let you and the Mr. do that at the gym? what gym is that again?

nevermind- monday is a retry. A-crop it is.

snickering like Beavis & Butthead @ "shaft and doggie"

Someone google - acropolis oregon

I have "heard" the steak is good.

oh-o i'm in trouble

steaks good...strippy show there was lame last I went. Still something to do.

never been...



8325 SE McLoughlin Portland, OR 97202

Phone: (503) 231.9611

Located in: Southeast Portland
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BarFly's Review of Acropolis

“The Milwaukie Ballet” dances everynight of the year on four stages, and everyone from your high school janitor to Marilyn Manson bellies up to the rack on a regular basis for the Vegas-cheap steaks, and attractive, outgoing dancers. Women and couples welcome. Open till 2:30am nightly. Small cover Friday & Saturday nights, after 9pm.

sneak the camera phone in there, but make sure to turn OFF the flash 1st.

trust me on that one!