Attn FCTV808

Just wondering what days do you guys roll at Shobukan? Also is it an open mat?

I checked it out when I was home and it was an awesome atmosphere. The only problem is parking (unless you drive a honda)

LOL Does the pizza hut people grumble?

I drove around for 30 minutes because I didn't want them to be mad at Mark.

After said time I decided to say fuck it as my friends Tundra extra cab was not making it down the alley and we couldnt find parking anywhere. We even called my friend that lives a few streets up to see if we could park at his house.

In the end it was all worth it because I learned a lot of good stuff.

m mostly focused on newaza. 530-630 (kids beginners 5-10yo or so), 630-8 intermediate kids, some high school. 8-930 adult beg-adv

w 6-730 beg/int mixed (mostly kids). 730-9 advance, some drills mostly good randori w/ scott pak

f tachiwaza (same as monday)

tue night grip fighting (boring, but good technique stuff)

sat 12-130 int. 6pm adult randori w/ scott pak

sun ?

i'm not on the sched right now. i just show up for the occasional thrashing.

Right on. Thanks man. Been thinking of coming one day.

thats a pretty interesting schedule.

maybe its a good idea to incorporate something a little more routine for BJJ.

usually its "what do you guy want to do?" then some super skinny dude goes "some fucking shit Junon will have a hard time to do".

Who's the skinny dude?  I haven't been that for about 10 years now.  I'm the fat kid and Chris is the fatter kid.