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How was that 3x2? Asspee or what?

i just don't get it man. like a big mac, but not as good. i even ordered two fries cause i was so excited.  was still hungry after

I'm pretty indifferent about the fries. The burger itself, for me, tastes fresh with good beef. McDonalds does the trick for me when I crave it but I can definitely taste the difference in quality of the veggies and beef.

i just posted it on the og. lol


you know it just doesn't have the PUNCH i like in a burger. bland imo

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i just posted it on the og. lol


you know it just doesn't have the PUNCH i like in a burger. bland imo

I wasn't sure if you liked spicy food... I usually ask for chopped chilis in it, too.

Wutang was the first person to tell me to order it Animal style. Game over ever since whenever I go to an In and Out.

I agree. Kind of like a Big Mac but not. I always get extra peppers. Phone Post 3.0

Lol at my og post dissing ino...

good lord almost a 100 posts on the og. die hard ino fans. good lord.

I seriously don't get it. I don't say that just to bust balls on the OG. I just don't get it.

btw, the fries are OK for about 30 seconds...they have a 30 second shelf life and then they mysteriously turn into inedible garbage. When you go there, you need to eat your fries FIRST as soon as you get your order. Eat them all or it's game over in 30 seconds.

Years ago, In-N-Out used to cut their fries by the window, using whole potatoes. Not sure how they do it now. All I know is, the lack of artificial ingredients -- flavor, crispiness enhancers, etc. -- made the fries seem pretty blah.

As for the burger, it was OK. But I would take Shake Shack (best of the chains, imo) or Steak 'n Shake, anytime.

That's why the fries suck. Potatoes are too starchy and need to be properly pre-prepared before frying. You can't just chop um and fry um.

I usually eat In and Out several times a week. Trick to the fries is to order them "lite well." They fry them just a little bit longer so that they are crispy but not overdone. Then salt them urself to taste. Makes a huge difference. I also like get my burger "mustard fried" where they put mustard on the patty before they cook it. Comes with pickles that way also and they aren't stingy with them like McD's. Phone Post 3.0

i think i figured ou the trick is, not to eat there again.

Lol whatever floats ur fancy. Phone Post 3.0