We are the new breed of Mixed Martial Arts fan. We have been here all along but never really had a say, until now!

FIGHT CHIX is for all the ladies who love the fighters, love the promotions, love the fight culture and want a name to call their own...AND who fight!

FIGHT CHIX is fresh, proud, confident and sexy. We understand the ground game, and we like it. Who wouldn't like the Rubber Guard (Bravo Bravo). We love the kicks, the punches, the LIVER SHOT. And---We REALLY love the after party---because that is where all that hard training turns into hard FUN.

We haven't left out the boys though---after all you got us into this crazy sport, so we have some stuff for you too.

Visit our shop and check back often---we will have cutting edge gear, so you can sport the sexy side of MMA.


Is this a female run company?

Well, I'm mildly disgusted.

"Groupie Gear," imo.

I don't see anything in there geared toward actual female fighters.

TTT for the groupies!

TTT fo tha ladies. I love Womens MMA!:)