Attn Ferox and other horror fans

What makes a good horror movie, in your opinion?

If, for example, you don't believe in an afterlife, are you still able to suspend disbelief and be frightened by a movie with supernatural elements? Phone Post 3.0

I'm an atheist but find that anything that's sinister/demonic/has possession really scares the shit out of me when done well. Maybe I'm secretly afraid that I'm going to hell after dropping all the childhood catholicism.

I'm not much help here because I do believe in more than what we see in this life, and I'm able to suspend my beliefs for any movie and enjoy it. (Except 'the call' that was too much even for me).

I'm very easy to please, movie wise. Phone Post

fapout - well for me a good horror flick is all about the special effects and not much of a story line. If the special effects crew these days used a lot of the materials used from back in the 80's, horror movies would be great. I can't take a PG-13 rating on a horror movie serious. It has to be rated R. If find that these days, too much thought is put into the storyline and it comes out really shitty. Prime horror was in the 80's imo. Look at The Friday the 13th movies from the 80's and compare it to the most recent one.

I'm the opposite. I like a lot of the foreign horror movies because they have little budget to work with and rely on better character development. My wife finds these types off vies 'slow' but I love them. Phone Post

For me, it's something that could actually happen. Take 'Cujo' for example. There's nothing supernatural about's about a dog with rabies. Granted, it's a stretch that it would go down the way it did (broken down car, nobody home, etc) but theoretically, it could happen. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is another example.

"Eden Lake' is another example. I don't know if it's classified as Horror, but it's a very scary situation nonetheless. 

For me, the movies that rely on gimmicks (like startling the audience several times) usually suck ass. People tend to confuse getting startled by a loud noise with being scared. Same with the endless supply of 'possesion' movies that have come out lately. Every last one of them has a female in a nightgown with a scratched up face and a freaky voice. Remind you of a certain movie from the 70's?! It's the same general story with minor differences. They need to just stop already.

Granted, I'm a pretty harsh critic when it comes to Horror movies, but truly good ones are few and far between for me. 28 Days Later, The Descent, The Ring...I consider those original ideas that were well executed. Much better than most of the drivel that's out there.

Just my 2¢


To be honest its basically the same as asking what makes a good (or at least and enjoyable film).

There is such a range of types of horror and I like them for different reasons.

For example I love Brain Dead for its hyperviolence and cartoony gorey laughs - now The Haunting I love for its pacing and atmosphere. Both are great horror movies but what makes them great is totally different.

I don't believe in ghosts/demonic posession,yetis, zombies etc but I can still enjoy the hell out a film about them.

The more realistic a horror film can be the better it is. I like things that could actually happen.

my favorite horror movies are based off of events that could actually happen, like a deranged person or something. don't really like found footage movies with ghosts or supernatural stuff. i can suspend disbelief for movies like halloween or friday the 13th, with bad main characters that come back to life, but that's kind of the extent of it. THat's not to say I can't enjoy a good haunting movie, but I enjoy those more for the effect it has on the regular characters' devolution of sanity - like the shining or amityville horror.

The first Halloween was damn good. Micheal Myers hadn't become this supernatural character that you couldn't kill. Awesome movie especially for when it came out.