ATTN FFA Miami - UFC Tonight?

Where is everyone watching the fights tonight? I'm in town for the holidays and Guido and I are looking for a place to watch the fights. I know Tootsie's and Hooligan's are having it, but is anyone getting together to watch?



Mee too

Hey Paul, I got your message, was going to call you but just saw this post :) I'm going to watch it at Gatsby's. It is a billiards/restuarant. It is easy to get to, just get off the turnpike at SW 88 ST, and you will see it off the exit, it is literally right next to the L.A. Fitness.

If you are bringing any friends, they have be 21 and there is a dress code. Nothing strict but you can't come in a ragged t-shirt, shorts, and flip-flops :)