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I'm a fighter who wants to get started in his fighting career, I've tried to contact promotions, but can't get an answer futher than "you need to get your medicals done" and I have and still can't get an answer back. I'm looking to get a few more months of training and want to fight in march or so. I live in Hamilton, Ontario. If there is any fight promotions out there interested in a hard working tough fighter, I can be contacted at:
(905) 407-6503

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Date: 01/12/07 03:15 AM
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Maximum Fighting Championship-11

Saturday Feb.3, 2007

Edmonton Alberta, Canada

Looking for good 205 lb.

$1000- to show and $ 1000 to win + Flight and 4 Star Hotel

please contact : leave number or go to:

Tried emailing you but it bounced back. Check out or email me at