ATTN: Fighters

I have recently accepted the role of East Coast Representative for Shooto Americas. One of the first things I wanted to do was create a database of fighters. I am not keeping a database of results, but instead a database of fighter contact info. We get a lot of calls from Promoters looking for fighters to fill certain spots on their card, and now we will be able to refer to this database to find a fighter at a specific weight, from a certain school, with a certain amount of fights, etc. and provide the promoter with contact info.

If you would like to add your name and contact information to our database, please fill out the online form at the SHOOTOAMERICAS.COM website

They are several questions on the contact form - please try to complete all fields.

ttt thanks for the responses so far!

Johnny: let me know if you get anything at 185

Certainly Charles.

Everyone is actually taking the time to fill out all the fields. Good stuff.

Johnny help me out I'd love to fight. Also when i was filling out the form it submitted without putting my pro record it's 1-1


Is this acceptable for beginning amateurs as well?

Sure, TheJET

Jay, I pulled yours up and edited it. Thanks for filling it out. I have heard good things about you!

Cool, I'm going to give the info right now.  It's opportunities like this that can help new fighters get good and fair experience.  Thanks!

just filled it out

Thanx Johnny. I just need some fights so I can show people what I got.

I just submited my application. On a side note, I am thoroughly convinced that I would beat your number two ranked guy, Dustin Denes, if given the opportunity and I am willing to fight him for free.

TTT for ShootoAmericas

Nick Thompson has been on a tear lately....


Thanks for the t's guys.

kidpresentable: I just read your info - I was impressed!


Mr. Johnny Walls,

Change the link on your site for the ironheart crown to They just recently changed the domain name. Many thanks

DOH! I was the one that actually changed their site over to .net. I had it everywhere but on that side graphic. It's fixed now. Thanks for the heads up!

Jon whats your e-mail. have an inportant question for you.