Attn: FiteSeeker

Regarding your tuning machine:

I talked to the AllParts guys and they are sending me one each of the large and small versions of your tuner. I'll take them over to Guitar Center to confirm which is the right size and send it to you. You will have it within a couple weeks(I just ordered it about an hour ago).

Thank you Racer X.

Sorry that was such a pain in the ass. That sucks that Grover would want us to purchase an entire set of tuners rather than providing the piece in question. Tell the All aparts guy I said thanks. And thanks again for keeping an eye out. Much like other things that go missing, it will probably pop up when we are looking for somthing else. Thanks again Racer X.

On a side note I am just amazed at the difference in tone with the new tone pot and "single coil" ground out. It breathed new life into my playing. Man its like having two guitars in one and also multiple pickup selection options! Just Great! Since I personally think its a wonderful options to have, do you get a lot of requests for the push/pull pot? Is it somthing that most guitarists like to have?

thanks again Racer X!

No problem! I'll let you know when I get 'em.

I received the tuners today and confirmed it's the smaller one that comes on the Tribal. As soon as I can get your shipping info from back mail I'll pop it in the mail for you. You should see it this week.

I'll let you know if I can't find the shipping addy.

no prob Racer X thanks. you have my cell and work number. Thanks again for the help on finding that little pastic bastard

Racer X, I will be moving in December, please give me a call if you still haven't recieved the parts, I will no longer be at the same shipping adress.

Sorry for flaking on sending that. SHould I send it to the work address or do you have an alternate?

well my work adress will be changing January 1st we are moving, since I am here a good portion of the day usually from 8am to 7pm its usually best to send things here at the office. If you think that you won't be able to send it until after the 1st of the year then e-mail me and I will give you my home address. Thanks for your help

I'll send it to the W.Chandler addy tomorrow or Monday, you'll have it in no time! ;)

Thanks Mr. X


Hey Racer X

please let me know if you had a chance to send that

DOH! It came back to me!

Please send me address info so I can send it to the right place.

I'm so stupid some times.

Very sorry.:(


thanks Racer X I hope you had a wonderful Thanks Giving! I just sent you an e-mail


Have you gotten it yet? If not, you should see it right after the weekend.

No sir, still has not arrived. Thanks you for checking.

Let me know when you see it. It's just a 6x8 manila envelope with the tuner padded inside, so don't be looking for a box. It'll be easy as hell to change out,just a hex nut on the front and a small phillips head screwdriver for the back. just don't tighten anything too much and you'll be fine. This is much better than trying to fix the existing gear because once those things fall out they are hard to keep in.

Thanks Racer X package just arrived this afternoon

Cool! Now your guitar can be whole again!