ATTN: Fort Lauderdale Area UGers

 NAGA is looking for a place located somewhere in the Fort Lauderdale/Boca Raton area to watch the UFC this Saturday.

We eat a lot, drink more, and tip well.

If you work at or know of a place that regularly shows the UFC, and can accomodate 25-30 people, please post here, or email me at



 Allstars is advertised a ton in that area for showing all the fights. Never been, but it could work.


 whatever you do, you definitely need to check out this restaurant: .  i was down there a couple weeks ago for the elitexc show and it was pretty damn good seafood.



Paul is right, last time I was at all stars they had a huge projector... also the stripers from cheetas go there after work, just about time for the after party!

 damn murder. got that shit on lock.

Duffys, imo, good food cheap drinks

Tough to beat All Stars, and not too far from FAU either.

 thanks guys for all your help, I found a place