ATTN: fryabusa

Well, I met this lady
And I told her quite a story
Said I'd love her forever more

But the trouble is
I tell the same ol' story
To every girl that walks through the door

It's the Slickster talkin' at ya, honey

Well, first they love me
And then they don't
Sometimes they do it
And sometimes they won't

So I said to this girl
"Hey, you, get out"
And she got to a peed (?)
And began to shout

You're a jive soul bro
A jive soul bro
And you're always lyin' to you friends
You're a jive soul bro
A jive soul bro
And you'll never get nothin' in the end

Whatchoo talkin' 'bout, ladies?
This is the Slickster talkin' to ya
I don't do nothin' but tell the truth
Heh, heh, heh, heh

Well, they thought this dude might learn a lesson
But I didn't learn a thing at all
Late last night I was out there messin'
With a lady that was seven feet tall Phone Post 3.0


Jive Soul Bro.  I'm gonna have to break out my Akeem dance.

Piledriver is one of the best wrestling albums ever. Phone Post 3.0