Attn FudoMyoo


Can you please write me an email?

(this message will be edit in half an hour).

(edited as promised)

Too late, I already got your email address and am going to have it spammed ;^)

I thought you would behave as a good christian and would not sin...

Remember, I'm not considered a christian by many, and I can just work my way back into heaven!

Anyway, everytime I post here my spam rate skyrockets!

Oops, i didn´t see this until now (I have only been clicking the "my threads" buttom recently).

You can reach me at (remove NO and SPAM)

Tell me here when you have sent the mail.

Email sent! :-)

Thanks I recieved it, I will reply tomorrow, since I´m going to bed now.

Good night!

Good night! :-)