Who wins the rematch between Chuck and Rampage?

We know you've trained with both guys, and fought Chuck twice, so you would have one of the better opinions out of anyone.

Who takes it Tito?? and don't say Rampage just cuz you hate Chuck!

Say waddup to Jenna for me! ha..



Lol, he's friends with Rampage and probably dislikes chuck quite a bit. Hmmmm I wonder who he would pick.

I was hoping to take a relaxed approach to possibly slip Tito's actual thoughts on the fight out. but you all have ruined it... thanks assholes!

cept you One Round Brown

Tito & Jenna look good together in that pic. Handsome couple imo.

She is fine, there is no doubt.

if you ttt this until Tito sees it. i bet he picks Chuck

I'm going to go watch Happy Gilmore right now

"She is fine, there is no doubt."

If you have an alien fetish.

lol @ pic. Cant wait for, SHOGUN VS ORTIZ!


I think Tito may very well respond.

TTT for Tito Ortiz

shes ok, titos choice, Ive seen her in person at a event with tito maybe I caught her on a bad day but she has alot of make up on....


he won't respond. he's like most big names and only starts threads here to promote something.

In that first picture.. no way his head is that big.. really? I'm not trying to bash him, or anything.. I'm serious. his head looks blown up like a balloon.

I was thinking that too Mon, maybe cause Jenna is so small it makes Tito's head look so big.