Just curious how the training is going for Machida.

Good luck.

 I plan on putting a little money on Tito if the odds are right.

Good luck Tito!

 Go Tito!


Go Tito!!

I think Tito in the top tier of things is good for the sport. When he's on, he's still one of the scariest fighters out there.

titojuice, titojuice, titojuice

if you say it three times, he must appear on this thread

I wonder who he is training with for this fight, I know Machida is training at AKA to prepare for Tito's takedown's

hope tito is 100 percent healthy

 Pretty sure he would be up in Big Bear now and I doubt he is spending much time on the internet since he goes to big bear to isolate himself, but that is just my thought.

P.S. - Tito will SMASH Machida - say good bye to the perfect record

TTT for a FUTA1 reply,

War Tito!!!!

Hoping you can pull off a trademark devastating GnP stoppage of the overhyped + overated Lyoto Machida, In a final blaze of glory for your 'last ever' UFC bout



Tito will dominate.

Should be a good fight, I don't see anyone dominating though.

Love to see Tito go out on a win.