Attn: G-Banger!

Hey Gerald, hope to say g'day while you're over here in bloody beaut sunny Perth... any details of how long you might stay with regards to coaching and the where/who with? I understand plans may be murky after a few months...


If you ever use that nickname in my presence, I'll give you a free private, on the spot!!!

Haha seriously, I'm planning to be in Perth by Xmas Day and I think there are some plans for New Year also.

Will most likely be around for a few months and not too sure from there. Some good job prospects in Melbourne in 2004, even been thinking about life in Sydney for a while. Who knows?

Just need a break and maybe a change?

My back drama (L5S1 disc protrusion) is going to keep me off the mat for a while but I'll be training at Adam Metcalf's gym in Mirrabooka once fit again. Bit of a drive from Kardinia where I'll be living, might check out Glenn Butcher's place in Rockingham too.



hahaha I had visions of the Southpark gang performing "Finger Bang" when I typed G-Banger :) Really, no privates are necessary at this time, I can't afford you(even if it's free!) ;)

Adam's school is pretty close to where I live but he scares me, I'd go check out Glenn's place too ;)
(j/j Ads)

Coming back from Melb/Sys side of Oz I'm sure you'll swing back into 'Perth time' with ease. I had not heard about your back, I hope it's healing well.

May I ask why you're living in Kardinya and not somewhere swank and upper-class like NORTH of the river?? :P

I think it's about 35 mins drive to Adam's from there... 2 mins by plane but you'd need to find a 'runway' somewhere... hehehe

i so knew this name would stick! lol

like stink to shit :)