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Sorry Rick - I need to hijack your thread. Gabora, I feel awful about the knee injury that happened tonight. I hope all is well and it was not too serious. Get well soon my friend.

GABORA will be back quick I hope. No one likes it when a team mate goes down for any reason. GABORA eat your wheaties, take your vitamins and say your prayers, and HULKAMANIA will bring yah back quick.

All joking aside, I hope your just sore and off for a few days and its nothing serious. Keep us all informed.


i think the ligaments in the back of my knee were torn last night. I'm going to the doctor right now and I had one fuck of a time driving home last night as i could barely touch the gas pedal without screaming.

Liborio1, I don't know if I can do that favour for you on Saturday as I can't stand up without the use of crutches. I'll let you know for sure after my trip to the doctor.

Damn, gabora. Best wishes for a speedy recovery, bro.

Best wishes....

I'm all too familiar with that pain you're talking about...