Attn: Gakami

Take it back to the OG.

Do not come on this board to harass and demoralize servicemembers.

no shame

I wouldn't call it harrassment, but I can see how it can be
demoralizing for those who are currently in Iraq, those who are to
be deployed to Iraq, and for those who have yet to sign up for
service. So on that point I agree with you.

I have a question though - the serviceman Thomas Wilson who
questioned Rumsfeld regarding adequate equipment and armor
for soldiers in Iraq, do you think that whole episode created a
demoralizing atmosphere as well?

When one of your friends is killed, it is demoralizing. When some a** doesn't appreciate his sacrifice, it is infuriating.

Matt, are you referring to Rumsfeld (re the ass) in the article I
posted, or are you referring to me.

Stop the madness dude. Give it a rest.