ATTN: gamer judoka - summer games?

For all you gamers out there, wanted to see what people are playing and what you are waiting to play this summer. I know there still aren't any judo games out there...

Here's my current list:

PS2 - Onimusha 3 - bad dubbing, good fighting. Jean Reno's character can throw huge enemies all over the screen, then administer the coup de grace before they can stand up again. I think games should be required by law to let you attack downed opponents.

PS2 - James Bond: Everything or Nothing - somehow they really got the Bond feel into this one. Like having it start out in a mini-mission before the opening credits.

PS2 - Samurai Warriors - just a few more days till the release. I couldn't get enough of the Dynasty Warriors series, but I'm wondering if this one will be as good.

GC - MGS: Twin Snakes - Okay, so I guess I am an MGS freak even more than a Dynasty Warriors freak.

PC - Splinter Cell: Pandora Tommorrow - have a feeling Mr. Williams will be playing this one, and this time it's got multiplayer. I'll be on the job just as soon as I get that Onimusha 3 monkey off my back.

PC - Star Wars: KOTOR - I know, it's old, but I've got a backlog, but I always enjoy learning the ways of the jedi (especially the force choking).

PC - UT2004 - One word: Onslaught mode.

PC - Dominions II - thinking about trying out the strategy realm. I tried out the demo a while back, and it was the first game I ever needed to uninstall to stop from playing it.