attn: Gannon iceymike

Sean can u please contact me when u get a chance I have lost ur contact info

Kimbo FTW :D

i work in an investment bank and the other day one of the bankers asked me if i'd heard of 'kimbo'. i laughed.

Rematch! I bought the clip of the last sparring match, I'll buy this one, too.

ttt for a rematch and video rights!

Mike, e-mail me at and I'll put you in touch with him.

TTT for iceberg305

ttt for gannon, great man of the ug

so whats new iceberg? i love your work


Kimbo wouldn't rematch Gannon... he's rather throw down with punks he could knock the shit out of. He doesn't want to fight the cop... the cop put him to sleep last time.

appreciate that...e-mailin u today Mike thanks.