ATTN Gary Hughes

Gary, you said you have created your own style.

Now you have said you have been in the arts for 35 years, This should be time to develop some theories.

What is your style based on, what are the major concepts, what is the training for the style?

Basically what is your style like and what makes it effective?

I know your instructor studied Parker Kenpo and developed his own style. This is common, I met Huk Planas back in 1998 when he was still under Parker and working with Danny Inosanto. He has now developed his own style of Kenpo influenced by Filipino martial arts.

Tell us about your style and how you train.

I have posted a lot of my ideas in the past. Since HonkeyStyle is obsessed with me, actually a borderline stalker, maybe he can post some of my ideas.

How could Huk Planas be under Mr. Parker in 1998?

Gary Hughes

Sorry 1988

I have been busy for a while, I havent seen your post in the past.

Actually I would like to hear Sam Pai answer these questions as well...

BTW... Sam Pie, you stalked me first...

HonkeyStyle...please explain how I stalked you first, I'd really like to hear it.

Gary Hughes


"HonkeyStyle...please explain how I stalked you first, I'd really like to hear it. " All those snide comments you were macking after my posts... If you apologize, I will agree to a truce...

HonkeyStyle....Dude, I'm am positive that I would only make smart ass comments to you, if you had done the same to me first.

A truce is fine with me, I don't have any problem with you. However, I don't know what exactly to apolgize for. What did I say that bothered you?

Gary Hughes

The one that set me of was the comment on the "Filling a Heavy Bag" thread... I think it was by Miller... You attacked my character because I admitted to stealing towels from my gym... so like a ninja I waited for the best moment to exact my revenge... when I saw Striker18's Tyson thread, I knew vengance was mine...

Huk Planas practically created the manuals for the Ed Parker kenpo system when they tried to franchaise it. Parker rubber stamped it.

Planas was heavily into FMA and still is being part Filipino. His brother is certified in a FMA system as an instructor too.

Huk does wild things like forging knives, bullwhipping, shooting competitions, amoung other things.

HonkeyStyle...LOL, you got me there. BTW, I was joking, but I apologize for attacking your character. Please don't subject me to anymore Ninja attacks, you win!

Gary Hughes, HonkeyStyle's new buddy

Dougie...what does Huk Planas have to do with me? I have seen the guy around and I know he was a Black Belt under Mr. Parker. Planas came around way after Mr. Dimmick and when I had already left Mr. Parker's organization.

I like the Filipino martial arts and if he's doing that along with Kenpo, it could be good.

Gary Hughes

"I apologize for attacking your character." thanks, truce on...

Honkey "Ninja" Style...

Actually Planas came around in the late 60's from years in the Tracy system. The reason I mention him was because he was infuencial in the creation of the manuals. With out him there would be no Parker system techniques with the names etc.

Thought you might like to know some history about your own mother art since you really don't know much it seems.

Dougie...I studied Kenpo to learn to fight, not for History or Accounting 101. The Tracy system isn't relevant to me, I don't know enough about them to comment either way. BushHog says they were good, I believe him. These manuals were never used by me, so again how does this apply to me? No disrespect to Planas, but my teacher was a 5th Degree Black Belt and Vice President of the IKKA, when he left Mr. Parker. I don't think anyone else was at that level. I left a followed Mr. Dimmick for a reason. He is an incredible martial artist and a great teacher. I always respected Mr. Parker and still do, but I never considered returning to his organization.

I find the history interesting, but I don't claim to be a martial arts historian. You will find lots of conflicting stories out there also. Mr. Parker isn't around to clarify things and stories change. For example, I read that Mr. Parker was actually a Black Belt in Judo, some claim Brown Belt. He studied Boxing and one time a larger better boxer was getting tough with Mr. Parker. Mr. Parker took him down and choked him out.

While I respect the history of the martial arts, I am more concerned about the future and finding more effective ways of protecting oneself.

Gary Hughes

Just saying that if you don't know where you came from then you don't know where you are going. I have a love of history myself.

Parker's old man was a boxing commisioner in the islands. Parker was also a judo brown belt.

Planas was one of the few at 7th when Parker died and was the Executive Vice president of the IKKA.

Dave Hebler was easily at Dimmick's level for example.

Just letting you know. Otherwise you might make claims that might be so-so or iffy and we all know where that leads now don't we?


Dougie...Joe Dimmick likes to keep a low profile and always has. I have seen Dave Hebler and all of Mr. Parker's top Black Belts. Hebler isn't in the same league as Mr. Dimmick. There still some of the old guys floating around, who know Mr. Dimmick. If you find one of them, they'll verify it for you. Ask Planas or Hebler about Mr. Dimmick.

One year Mr. Parker was planning on a big demonstation during the Long Beach Internationals. All of his top guys were at the Downey school to practice for the demonstration. It was very cool, I got to see most all of Mr. Parker's guys and even the Master himself. Mr. Parker and Mr. Dimmick were the best by far. Mr. Parker was fast and very powerful. When he demonstrated, he would use a heavy touch. Mr. Dimmick was as fast as anyone I have ever seen.

Note: This isn't being disrespectful to Hebler or any of Mr. Parker's students. I am just stating my educated and somewhat biased opinion.

Gary Hughes

I know who Dimmick is. deserving of what he is but not that impressive. Just my 2 cents.

Dougie...that my friend is your funniest line yet. If you have ever seen Mr. Dimmick in action, he impressed you. It is apparent that you have never seen him. I fought against some of the top black belts and Mr. Dimmick was way better than them. If someone else would have been better than Mr. Dimmick, I would have trained with them. Your trolling opinion is worth less than 2 cents!

Name one person that is better in Kenpo than Joe Dimmick. You won't be able to do it.

Gary Hughes