Attn: Gary Mac

Are you gonna switch Shogun and Overeem to the HW division now on

I already put them on the HW ballots.

I'll let some votes come in before doing an update.

Shogun will likely be one of those "loophole" guys, where his accomplishments at another weight will find him in the middle of the list in a new division, so just ignore his name if it bothers you. :)


Who votes on the ballots?



Everyone is welcome to vote.

Just be aware that I check them all before they go into the system, and votes are deleted if it's obvious that the person is goofing around, or trying to artificially boost their buddy's numbers.

You can vote for Devin Cole in your top 10 HWs if you want, but I don't think we should see him in the #1 spot on anyone's list.

That's awesome--can I put the link up Gary?

Put a link up wherever you want.

The more voters we have from around the world, the better the end result.

Great site--check it out.

(Sorry Gary--I was going from the bottom of your site, and didn't even realize it was different!)


well, the least you could have done was link to as the starting point. :)

Links to the voting engine are at the bottom of each divisional page.