ATTN: giantsilvafan!!!!

These are some very trying times for Sapp right now, how could you betray him like that?? He needs your support now more than ever.

Floppy, does this mean you're a Laker fan now? :(

Yup, I've been crying and eating tubs of Ben & Jerry's for the last few days. ;) It disgusts me, but oh well, I'll have to change my sn and profile pic. Peja Power here I come!!! Did you check the Bushido results??


lol @ gsf, fucker, you are incorrect!!!!

LOL!! Yes, with the recent acquisition of Greg Ostertag the Kings will be unstoppable!!!!! lol, damnit.

suicides self

At least I still have my favorite player.....

saucy, Webber is a cancer to the Kings.

What a coincedence...I am also a cancer. June 29.

LOL!! It's all about Peja, and coincidentally once (I don't wanna play in the low post) Webber returned Peja's shooting started to slip and the team was losing games. It was disgusting watching how badly they were struggling after he returned. :(