Attn: Gladiator Kingston

Hey guys. I had to leave town quite a bit more suddenly than I expected...I’m in Colorado now. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone at Gladiator...Rob, Cory, Greg, Glen, Tats, Big Mike, Ryan, Jamie, Shane, Albert, Jeff, Vicki, etc. I’ve learned a lot from you guys through the years, both on and off the mats. I’ll be sure to keep in shape up here in the mountains and stop in to train when I’m in town next.

Greg.. good luck with the fight this weekend.

-M$M. bastard!!!! You skipped out without being shark baited for a final time!!!! HA HA!!

I'm glad to hear you're doing well Mike. You are an asset to have as both a student and friend. I will never forget how you helped me last year with my divorce (No one will find the body...hahahaha)

Anyway, I wish you all the best in life and I hope to hear from you in the future. I will let everyone at the club know you scurried out of town to avoid your beating.

We are all proud to know you and have you as a friend.


I hope you will be back to visit soon! I think you said that if you had to leave it would have to be a "quick unexpected exit" so you wouldn't get a sendoff like Big Tats. Take it easy bud!

Hey mike im sorry to hear you go like that, I never even got to make you tap, but hey, when internet girlfriends force you to moke 2000 miles away, i guess we can make an exception for you. oh say hi to Luvmelongtime_69 or whatever her name is!!

Cheers man and good luck