ATTN: Godzilla

 Where are you going?  Where have you been?

true dat

I hope he's still in the game,  I was hoping to see him fight again.

lancemer -  Where are you going?  Where have you been?

Heard he was at Baskin Robbins

WOW... ice cream joke... original??

I talked to him about a week ago, and I believe that he's going to be fighting at the PFC in Lemore in January. 

 I haven't really heard anything since he took lost that one decision.  Heard he showed a lot of heart in that fight.  Hopefully he's rested up well and fully healed from all of his injuries.

 TTT for Gabe!

 Gabe is good people!  PFC is lucky to have Gabe fighting for them...

 sweet, glad to hear he's fighting still.  I hope to see him fighting in a big event again soon. 

 I'm with Towe on this....

 I was at the decision loss. It was at the charity event in Santa Monica for Childrens Hospital if I remember correctly. He banged it out and fought with heart. Was a little rusty.

TTT for Gabe

Gabe has always been cool to me and I will always wish him success.

 Hey, I still come here, but not as often. I had neck surgery in jan, which put my out for 9 months.My first fight back was a decision loss. I did feel rusty and needed to get that year lay off cobwebs out. Ill be fighting in January. Sorry, no baskin robbins for me.

 Good luck my friend !

 Hey Crook!!!  Ill text you in a bit

War Gabe!

 I admit I gave Gabe some shit in the past and he was cool about it...

I'll be rooting for him in his next fight.

Good luck Godzilla.