You just finished competing in the big show. A show so big it has America calling mma "Ultimate Fighting". The show that started it all. The Super Bowl of MMA.

What you did was comparable to somone who's played football all their life, running onto the field for their first NFL game. Or me walking onto the stage and sitting down behind my drums at Madison Square Garden as a headliner.

Very few people in this world will get anywhere near where you've already been. I won't.

I gotta know, how did it feel? What was going through your head leading up to the fight? I can't even imagine what it would be like.

ttt for


ttt 'til I get an answer.

Seriously. I want to know, in as much detail as possible, how it felt. What was your reaction when you hung up the phone after getting the call? How was your mental attitude different during training? What did it feel like walking out of your house to go the arena? The drive there? Getting out of the car and looking at the place? Walking in? The locker room? The entrance? Everything!


Mullet, let me think about that and give you the best answer I can