ATTN: Golfballer

in another thread you said you're in the PGM program?  where are you and how much time do you have left?

i went the PAT route but got out of it about a year and a half ago.  i want to hang myself everytime i go to the course. 

AC, that is correct. I'm finishing up my junior year in the program at Methodist College. I finished up Level 1 Checkpoint in December and will be doing Level 2 in January '07.

I most definitely sympathize with your situation, it has to be tough to do all that work and then realize its not what you want to do...especially after passing that damn PAT.

it actually was what i wanted to do but got away from it for a girl.  i gambled and lost, oh well.  worst part is a week before i moved back here, for her, i was offered an asst. position by a friend that was just hired at a CC as the head pro.   i really suck.

i had to take the PAT twice.  the first time sucked.  my house had burned down a couple of weeks before, killing my pets and ruining everything i owned.  the temp at the course was 16, wind chill 7.  fucking 7 degrees and they made us shotgun because less than half the players showed up.  i started on 6 withdrew at 18 green.  the second time i went 74-72.  i let my eligibility run out so i might take it again.


Wow AC, I'm sorry to hear about all that dude. Fuckin' girls man. They'll mess all kinds of shit up. I almost didn't come to Methodist because my girlfriend in high school wanted me to go play at Appalachian State. I was recruited to play there which of course, was where she was going to attend but I felt like I'd regret it if I did and we broke up a few months later.

The program here is awesome and if the business is something you want to do, I most definitely say get back into it. With hard work, I'd say you could get all 3 levels done in a year and half to two years... maybe much less. The connections in this business nowadays are pretty sweet. Great job on the PAT man... that thing is such a biAtch. I fortunately passed mine on the first try with a roller coaster 83-71. There are some guys here who have taken it anywhere from 8-10 times.

the head pro and first assistant at the course i was working had to take it 8 times each, no shit.   these idiots almost lost their jobs.  we honestly think the head pro paid someone to take it for him. 

there's always some funny shit going on behind the scenes at golf courses.  i've got some of the most fucked up stories from the 6 years i was in golf.