ATTN: GomezAcademy students

Looking for a place to train BJJ, Boxing, Kickboxing and Krav Maga?

Come to

6000 sq ft of training space.

See the ad at the Southgate MJR theater.

Located in Wyandotte near the intersection of Eureka and Biddle Avenue.

Kronk Boxing trainer. Heavy bags. Banana bags.

Post here if you're interested.


so.. are you trying to steal guys from antoher gym or is this a friendly invite or what?

I don't know but he has like 10 posts on all different threads on Michigan board about this. lol

Hey fellas,

Dave Garcia is getting the infamous Metro Fight Club rolling again in Ann Arbor (same site)
tenatively set for Tues, thurs and either sat. or sun.

The Metro is chock full of strong wrestlers, sub-wrestlers, judoka, sambists, nhb fighters, bjj, shooters, rippers, etc.

Primordially/primatively cool dojo.

Did you give up teaching Osae?

thats god news man.. let the feeling keep on keepin on!


I work 72 hours per week with a 50 min. drive time each way on top of them. Gave up going to the dojo and floating it after Josh's seminar last year at about this time. 'Bout the only thing I have time for is a little weightlifting in my basement and hitting a few weightlifting comps.

Dojo remained in place however with a good bjj school being run out of it on mon/wed/fri.

Hey Stephen,

It's Ron.....from Canada. How've you been? I just wanted to say hello (I saw you're name on the post).

How's the club and all the guys? I train up here in Ottawa, under BTT, and I cross train in judo and wrestling, which is really fun....some good guys.

we should establish contact again, i miss all my michigan friends!

Canadian Ron

hi ron. is it cold up there yet?

the gomezacademy website stated that they closed. made some phone calls.

many students from whites to purples and fighters approached me about training.

just trying to keep them happy.


oh. they closed?? didnt know that.

Sorry to hear about the closing. I hope all is well with Dave.

Yeah, it's friggin' freezing up here. I like my country, but DAMNATION Canada! Get over yourself with this cold!!!!!!! Everytime I read about the environmental factors that lead to to the creation of sambo (heavy jackets, ice, etc...) I think "yeah...i can relate!"

anyway, what's your email address, so's we can chat?