Attn: Gracie Students...

I saw a youtube clip with that Dr 90210 when he went to the Gracie school in Torrance. After he got schooled in Bjj he vowed to start training there until he got his black belt. Does anyone from that school see him there? I also heard Tommy Lee and Nick Cage train there as well. Any info on them and there ability/rank would be great. thanks jeff

sorry guys, double post.can you ttt this when you see it drop?

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Nick Cage donsnt train at torrance,last time i talked to him he said he trains a little, most likley with his son.

90210 still trains with rener often.aint seen tommy lee in a while

ed Oneil, brown belt just bumped into him on thursday

Dr. 90210 is now a blue belt, he takes privates. I have seen him there.

Good to know, thanks guys! i know dr 90120 is heavy into TWD but i wasnt sure he had the heart to stick with BJJ long term, good to see him training. as far as the other Hollywwod types, i knew they would fade away. good to know i could call on my UG buddies for info!!!thanks guys!!

Ed O'neil is a top guy down to earth you could not get anyone less Hollywood.
He rolls with whoever but I think mainly takes privates, he can still kick some ass at 59 or 60, I hope I am as active at his age.

Al Bundy must be one bad mofo. BJJ and a mean football tackle! How do you beat a guy like that?

Al Bundy by foot

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Hey is that 90210 doc the one that tested for and got his TKD black belt a year or 2 ago?

Al Bundy. Four touchdowns in a single game.

Dr. 90210 was actually practicing katas in the middle of the street. how embarrassing is that? then again, he's got more money than 99% of us here so nevermind.


Doc 90210 got his blue belt in six months of privates. He trained with Rener and tested with Ryron.

Yes, he got his TKD BB at some strip plaza dojo which aired on his TV show. I think he was breaking blocks or bricks or spongefood cake or whatever.

"tested with Ryon" do they test for belts there? At the Machados they just walk up in the middle of class and award it to you in front of everyone. whats the test like? thanks for the info by the way.

I don't think it was an official test, just where the doc had to exhibit a working knowledge of the combat fight system. I wasn't there for it, just going by what we were told by one of them who were.