Attn : Grad 1 and 10er

You have been cordially invited to.....


The Bubbles Show ,UFC 251 Fight Companion, super bonanza, this Saturday on podbean.

There will be music, special guests, MMA pros, expert analysis, babes, weird brits, karaoke,drinking contests, rap battles and all types of cool prizes.

Don't be fooled by those other " its past my bedtime, ha ha sorry fans, too bad" podcasts. 

The Bubbles show is for the peoples

You starting your own podcast?

No...   Its a diff person.   Great show tho

Is this special invite only?

No way Dos.....everyone, especially yourself is always welcome

Double double


I'll prob tune in

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Forrest is on a role..

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There are still details to finalize, but we hope to have the man...the myth...the the legend...Da Gawd MCL live on air to frees-t-y-l-e and beatbox.  Here is an example of the raw diamond in the rough talent he displayed nearly a year ago:



PJay and RDot are going to ban you from their show Forrest. Their goes 10% of their listening audience..