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Do you know how to get the easter eggs off Eddie Bravo's DVD??

Okay, I'll be the nice guy here.

There are 5 easter eggs. To the best of my knowledge:

1- Go to Thick & Meaty in the Scene Selection and keep it there. After around 5 minutes, it will show you the Brazilian instructor skit. (My favourite actually.)

2- Go to the Royler match and leave it there for 5 minutes. You'll get the overhook triangle instructional (and a brief look at the "jailbreak" as well).

3- In the extras page, press down (into the dots) and go to the third dot (from the left). This will get you into the all dots page. Go off the screen to the left. This will get you the Eddie "wannabe" sketch.

4- On the same page, go to the last dot on the first line and click it. This will show Eddie's "Kamikaze" calf crank.

5- On the same page, go to the fourth (fifth?) dot on the second line and click it. This will give you the On The Mat "psychic" prediction of ADCC.

I might be a little hazy (a dot or two to the right or left) for the dots page. I haven't done it for weeks. I shouldn't be too far off though.