ATTN: Gritty

I need your white trash expertise. Please rank these from least white trash to most white trash:

Broken down trampoline in the front yard

Car parked on the grass for months on end

Driving a Neon with at least one fender or door a different color

Driving the same neon, but having sweet rims on it

neck tattoo

above ground pool in the front yard

not taking down the 1 sting of Christmas lights on your shitty front bushes

driving a Saturn with tinted windows

hanging out in your garage/driveway on folding chairs

there is no more gritty it's girly get into the 21st century would you!

Swear to God I was reading down the list and saying to myself that I can't believe he hasn't listed a Saturn yet, lol

Please let's not forget

A) taking a last giant puff of cigarette before entering a place, flinging the butt into the lot, then walking in and blowing it out

B) leaving lit cig on car or on ledge of building window which you can retrieve after



using double negatives in a sentence


no gloves in winter, hands tucked into oversized sweatshirt sleeves

Kids with Mohawks 

big gulp style drinks

cell phone tucked into bra 




But I need them ranked!

Which is the #1 most white trash of these?

tjmitch - But I need them ranked!

Which is the #1 most white trash of these?

I doubt it matters how they are ranked. You're basically listing all of the stuff you've noticed about one family, right?

They would rank top 500 in the US, as a family, IMO.

I have never seen a pool in front yard so that must be some southern white trash thing

gotta go with Neon.  No one in 2017 drives a neon that isn't trash