attn hef and Cousin eddie

i forget the exact terms..

do i have to buy a jersey or will a team logo on a tee shirt be good enough. also did i need to buy the hat or is the shirt enough? i forget?

like would this
be good enough

Just the t-shirt is cool, no need to shell out for jerseys. A shirt and hat were the terms. I ttt'ed the original thread for ya.

Since you're taking pictures for each of us, make sure you get different Hooters girls in each one, please. Thank you in advance :)

cool thanks. by the way i just put a bid in on that VERY SPECIAL tee shirt! i'm sure that will make hef happy B-)

I will be the one bidding against you, focker.

all ready paid 1.99 for the shirt i'm getting raped on shipping but that's a classic shirt i had to have

<img src=""

why didn't i see this shirt first