Attn: Hessian re your shop

Hey dood- pretty sure I recall you mentioning a shop you just built. Did you start a thread on it and I missed it? I’d love to learn from what you did. I’m breaking ground next week for a 30x40. Pretty stoked.

For educational purposes, I googled ‘sexy woman tree’ lot’s of sexy wimmins, but the ones in trees were a bit limited.


And of course, this sexy biatch!!


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Is that the @Hessian bat signal?

Bumping it as he may be done playing with his wood for the day. Or not

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Actually just got in from the shop. lol

At the point of organizing things. I have never taken the time before to go through all my screw drivers and not have 8 sets all out at once so…

Have a bit of nuts and bolts left to go through and organize.

The nova lathes are active but I have not, lol I will start a thread. In a bit, thanks for the interest. I am 25x31, 30x40 is darn near the perfect dimension imo.

Have 3 projects on the go which should have me setup in the shop. One to 8 bowls, a table and a cutting board with epoxy filling.

Then I will put some energy into the hepa zone and grinder wall. After that I will probably have to find a new place and spot because the neighbors will be grumpy by then.

I am a hobby shop, hard for the city to not let me work at what I want. lol


Holy shit no idea what this is about but it is very close to my reality. Right down to the swing.

My JW neighbor asked me today what I am building in there. Might need to get a friend and less mail. Keep the tatts covered.


Grind side wall.




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2x4 stick frame?

My buddy (who is the actual carpenter showing me what to do) has advised me to go 2x4 on 16", and engineered trusses.

I originally was planning on a more pole barn style, but have shifted my thinking a bit since I’m going to be insulating and what not now.

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I am 2x6 on 16". Have rigging in trusses for 10 ton winch.

Cause you never know … right? Some of the slabs I own are over 300 pounds, figure safer on winch maybe getting out of truck. Or if I ever want to be manly and swap a engine or something.


Nice. I was thinking about a chain hoist, but can’t really justify it just yet. I figure I can always add it in later.

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Just throw a 6x6 against the bottom middle of the truss. Put a chain around it and have hole for it to come through ceiling. Then all the prep is done for later. Island chainsaw YouTube guy gave me a chain hoist system so I kind of had to do it then. lol



Took down a couple maple around where the “garage” is going.

I don’t know shit about shit, but this funky middle section looks pretty gnarly (cool).

What would you do with it? I dont have a mill, but don’t look at it as firewood. Can you tell from N image like that where I would be most likely to have unique cool figure?

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I should clarify - I had a pro drop them. What those guys do with wedges and a saw is sorcery.
I’m just dealing with it down. Had 2 that came down that I wanted dropped in a spot I couldn’t drop em.

Ttt for the wood master

Looks like a lot of rot. I would cut it at the knuckle at the top and again 8 feet down the log. When a Maple disfigures like that it usually has debris trapped inside or old branches rot as the tree grows around them.

Measure the rot rings on the top and bottom as well as the outside dimensions.
I’d say it is too spunky from the picture. Although the other side of that is spalting which some enjoy. It all depends on how far the rot has gone. Spunky is being able to sink finger into it. If your fingernail only goes in, it might be ok. Just really dark spalting.


If you’re gonna use the spalted section, stabilize that shit. Even a minwax wood hardener will work better than using it raw.

I turned a set of closet door handles out of some raw spalted maple a few years back. The ones that didn’t tear out when working em failed when I went to open the damn closet.

And that was precisely as Hessian described with the fingernail barely penetrating.