Attn: Hessian re your shop

Well- she bled like a pig when I cut through rotty stuff.

I’m guessing no matter how I try to slow it down, the main gash will go all the way through when dry. Is that a safe assumption?

If I could clean it and do something to lock that in, I’m quite happy with a few beefy as fuck end tables with an epoxy gash. Am I dreaming?

A few shots of the top few feet.
Love this little stihl. Needs a sharper chain now, but despite her 16" bar, she’ll go through anything. Wouldn’t have wanted to fell it with that saw though lol.

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Can barely dig a nail in other than right at the gash. Mind you, I don’t have pj thumbs

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I’d cut some cookies of the gashes and air dry them with slats. Throw a bunch of cheap latex paint that is not mixed (mud) around the inside of the gash.

That top section you can probably get away with cutting some planks with it which will have a great mid board spalting. Spalting is most always way more impressive along the grain.

You might have gotten this one just in time.

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Awesome- sounds like a good plan I can follow! Thx

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