Attn: Higher belts

Ever get owned by a lower belt?


Uhm... I was owned by athletic and/or big whitebelts pretty often when I was a midlevel bluebelt...

There is a bluebelt who constantly owns EVERY purplebelt in my country but he just hasn't been anywhere where he could've been promoted...

And there is my best MMA student an ex-wrestler who is picking up BJJ at an amazing pace - still a whitebelt, should be blue definately and he is giving me and Indrek a hard time even with the gi... and even moreso without the gi and I even won't go into MMA...

A great purple belt (technical, strong, aggressive) caught me in a kneebar yesterday and passed my guard. I think he would have finished the triangle I was in if time hadnt run out.

Arghh...I wish I could say it was just a bad night, but I was just owned, nuff said.

Dre was it yoshi?

No...A friend who used to train with us and just returned.


Getting beat in BJJ, regardless of the belt level of your opponent, is simply part of the learning process and it is simply something that happens when you train long enough. The most important thing is whether you figured out what you may have done wrong and how to correct it. If you can improve your game because of a "loss" then you are better off because of it.

Anyone who says that they have never been beat by someone who is of a lower belt either hasn't trained long enough or is completely lying. I can guarantee that even the best world champs have tapped to lower belts.

BJJ tends to breed an unhealthy egocentric attitude of "never tapping to lower belts". This leads to over competativeness, injury, and an unfriendly training atmosphere. In past, like many people now, I used to get really pissed off when I got tapped by a lower belt. I'd want to roll with them again and destroy them. Looking back, who likes training with someone like that? Now, if I ever get tapped, I tell my opponent that he did a good job. Occasionally if a student pulls something off on me, he will trying to downplay it by saying that he just got lucky. I tell him, "No, you did well. I made a mistake and you capitolized on that mistake. That's what jiu-jitsu is about."

Being a higher belt does symbolize a certain level of skill, however, it does not symbolize being perfect. Perfection all the time simply does not exist in any endeavor in life.

"Ever get owned by a lower belt?"

-More times than I can count...

Thanks for the feedback, guys. And thanks for the great post, Bolo. I hear ya, man.

Actually, when you have a chance, please shoot me an email. I think Im ready to get started on your posture therapy, but I lost your email address and have a hard time talking on the phone while at work.

What "BOLO" said was right on the money!

From time to time, some of my students will catch me in in a bad spot (regardless is we are just flowing, trying new things, or in competition mood).  They often seem very 'reserved' by the fact that they have caught me...but I ALWAYS encourage them and let them know that it was not because I was going 'lite', but that I made a 'mistake', and they capitalized on it! 

As a BJJ Instructor, is that not one of the best feeling in the world...too see the person that you TEACH is able to not only LEARN, but PERFORME the techniques that you have taught them!

I have always been a believer that you should always support your students, win or lose! If you are supportive of a student that loses, it builds them up on the mental aspect of learning many students that are newer to BJJ can become discouraged from learning or competition.  I have noticed that by always being positive, it allows for them to continue building their game physically & mentally.  Too many times, student can run into 'mental road-blacks' out of fear of losing to someone in class of a lower belt, some one smaller in weight, or in competitions.  This can be caused by the caliber of the team you are a part of, or the perception that the student may have about the coach...and the expectation he has for his students.

If they see everyone around them winning in class or competitions...they are almost afraid to put themselves into a position to be defeated.  I feel that constant support is one of the best ways to 'build-up' the mind-set of even the most experienced student.

I want to be clear...I wasnt trying anything new. I was going for it as if it were a competition. Thanks.


I was was not saying that at fact, I sould re-word what I said...because I have been cought when I was going in "competition mood" :-)

lol...thanks, man. :)


Shit happens bro. everyone gets caught.

Andre, sorry bro.  It has never happened to me!

Luckily there is no belt under white, unless pink belt counts but I have not run across a pink belt yet.



Just got my blue belt, and I expect to be tapped by the whites for a while. Being the smallest, weakest, and the only girl, my technique will get overpowered sometimes. Not really a big deal.

Andre my brother -

Your actually very lucky. Those guys are gifts that are helping to mold you into becoming a solid black belt one day.

It seems every high level school has a select few "prodigys". These guys give everyone fits, and its funny to see upper belts avoid them. I HATE training with them, but do so at every opportunity. WHY? They can only make me better.

So dont feel bad, you are not alone in your frustration. But realize how fortunate you are. Imagine training at a school where you just kill everyone? It certainly limits your ability to improve, and we should all be striving for that.

Keep the faith brother.....

great thread, thanks for all the support.

(obviously this isn't my thread, but I think we all need to hear this from time to time).

I like how my coach teaches the kids (Whites/yellows/greens) about this. In the gym, we DON'T fight. We DON'T beat someone else. Inside the gym, we train. We help each other. Stopping the egos before they get bred.

Andre: To be honest yes, more than once. Most of the time is some kind of huge athletic freak that just smashes you and you do not have enough streanght and you can not perform your technique. Or some lower belt that is very good and athletic and you are just having an off day.

But like most of the people here say is a process and learning curve.

Thanks so much for the feedback, guys. I really appreciate it.