Attn Hillary....Bring it!!!

I'm officially challenging you to a bjj sparing session. If you can tap me, I'll eat you. But if I tap you, you have to eat me!

Either way someone's getting pleasured!

Uh oh.....

*awaits reply


you've probably become #105,283 in line. she gets this a lot methinks.

And i'll be #105,284 to make that challenge.

So what RocDaCasper said.... ditto.

How 'bout skipping the sparring :P

I see that either Hillary was too smart to not even post on this thread......

or scared.


j/k Hillary!

a/s/l pixxxxx??!?!?

FYI Roc,

the "L" in a/s/l" stands for length.

FYI Hillary,
whatever Roc puts,
minus that by 1/2


found this on th OG and thought I'd share :-)

Hillary? I've heard of you before. Your a real bad ass. You Go Girl!!!

PTOTO please

Hillary - a/s/l pixxxxx??!?!?

age/sex/location pixxxx?

Ok well let me see here:

-Yes you're about the right age

-That'll be great!

-In my dreams babeee

*oh, and yes i would like to see more pix ;P


Sex-not very often

length-Tuna fish can....gnome sayin'?


^^Not very often? Damn, that is WAY more than me.

I respect all of Hillary's accomplishments.

I fear her jiujitsu.

I applaud her ability to post and keep up not only in this forum but the insane world of the UG/OG.

that being said, I jaq to some Hillary nudies.

make it happen!